Imagine a small group of houses surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and endless green hills...

Finca Las Delicias

We are at parallel 0, the central line of our planet, in the province of Pichincha in Ecuador. We are where our family has been growing cocoa for over 60 years.

If today we have decided to offer the excellence of this land here in Europe, it is because a part of us and of our heart is still there, a part of us that we will never want to leave.

This is how Brown Chocolate was born, as a living connection between Italy, where we live today, and that village of a few houses in the center of the world.

In the extraordinary quality of our cocoa there is all this: there is our history, our land, for an excellent product.

Unique cocoa beans

At Brown Chocolate we take care of every phase of cocoa production to offer our customers 50kg bags of cocoa beans, clean and selected, directly from the plantations of Finca Las Delicias.


Alongside local women, we hire female staff to promote gender equality. Our collaborators are specialized in the care of cocoa beans, from harvesting to shipping.

With experience we prepare and periodically check the quality of the soil where we cultivate. We then let the product ferment for at least 5 days. The sun will then dry it naturally.


Once mature, our product is selected by hand and cleaned, to offer a superior quality standard.

It is only then, in bags weighing 50kg each, that our cocoa beans from Finca Las Delicias are ready to go and tell the rest of the world the flavor of an extraordinary land.

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