Unique cocoa beans.

From Finca Las Delicias to you

Hand-cleaned cocoa beans
from Fincas Las Delicias to you

Brown Chocolate was founded to bring the extraordinary quality of Finca Las Delicias cocoa in the hands of chocolate artists around the world. 

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The particular climatic characteristics and the chemical-mineralogical composition of the soil of Finca Las Delicias allow us to obtain a particularly valuable product. Our plantations, in fact, are almost totally free of Cadmium concentration.
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Alongside local women, we hire female staff to promote the equality of gender. 
Our collaborators are specialized in the care of cocoa beans, from harvesting to shipping.
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Our product can be purchased directly in 50kg bags of cocoa beans ready for processing, or as semi-finished cocoa. We carefully follow the roasting, conching and processing phases to always guarantee a product with an unmistakable taste.
«My family started growing cocoa in the early 60’s when they moved from a region in the highlands of Ecuador called El Cajas to Puerto Quito, a tropical city where my father still lives today. 
My brothers, sisters and I grew up there, in such a biodiverse region surrounded by the incredible landscapes that tropical nature offers us in this area of Ecuador».

Lida Noemi Quiroz


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